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How to heal - The Moral Suffering

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The Rose heals the moral pain

The curative power of the Roses is wonderful. The rose is the Queen of the flowers and can heal an evil that affects many people: The Moral Suffering.

How many people die daily and get sick because of the moral sufferings? And yet, it is sad to say it, there never was a merciful being who could give humanity the exact formula to heal themselves of the moral sufferings.

Many are the cases of suicide and nobody has ever spoken about The Magic of the Roses.

The Rose is influenced by Venus, The Star of Love, The Morning Star.

Those souls who have a very deep moral suffering can be cured with the Magic of the Roses.

The Magic Formula

On a table are put three crystal glasses filled with clean water and a Rose in each glass. These glasses will be placed so that they will form a triangle: towards the North, towards the East, towards the West.

Each glass will have to be blessed by the person in question and this will drink daily three glasses of this Roses water in the following order: before breakfast, the glass to the East, before lunch, the glass to the North and before dinner, the glass to the West.

This treatment will have to be accompanied by a sincere prayer to the Intimate and to the White Fraternity in order for them to help us become free of the moral pain in which we are situated.

Through this formula repeated many days, any moral suffering will be healed, no matter how grave it would be.

The blessing of the Roses will be made drawing above them with the middle finger, the index and the thumb, a cross, while saying: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Then, the cross is closed in a circle that is drawn from left to right (clockwise viewed from the front), and it says: and in the name of Tetragrammaton.

How to cure the Moral Suffering
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Palesa said:

When I saw the article above I thought, "just what I need. It is about time I ask for healing". But then a few minutes later I felt and thought that if I heal I would not continue learning from my pain. My suffering makes me come out here and look for answers. It makes me search for reasons, for answers to who I am, what I am here for, where I come from in the esoteric and occult and how I can change, die and be born again. I am living for my death. Painful as it is I enjoy it because of what it makes me do, the journey. My question is, will the healing cause me to stop this journey of learning, searching, observing, assimilation, transformation, etc.

About the process:
Do the glasses have to be real crystal?
Would tap water full of lime do? Or bottled water with added minerals? Or pure water? How does one obtain pure water? By collecting rain water?
Is it magnetic North or geographic North? Or what my phone compass says is North?
Will the glasses be refilled each day or the same water has to be drunk in little quantities until the glasses are empty?
What is the minimum number of days this can be done? considering that a person has to be at home, not going to work, to do this.
Is time important? Like just at sunrise, before sunset, at noon, 7am, 12pm, 8pm, etc? Any spacing of hours in between?
That is all for now. Thank you..
Bless you
February 13, 2019

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